61C1 / Passenger Frontal Airbag – 2016 Volkswagen Golf Sportwagen, Golf R, Golf GTI, Golf A7, & E Golf

2016 Volkswagen Golf

July 27, 2022 NHTSA CAMPAIGN NUMBER: 22V543000 Air Bag Inflator May Explode or Deploy Improperly An inflator explosion may result in sharp metal fragments striking occupants, resulting in serious injury or death. An improper air bag deployment may not properly restrain the occupant, increasing their risk of injury in a crash.   NHTSA Campaign Number: 22V543 Manufacturer Volkswagen … Read more

Compliance Recall – USA Code: 01E9 – Vehicle Build Status – 2018 Volkswagen Golf R & Atlas, 2017 Golf Alltrack & E-Golf & 2016-2018 Passat

2018 Volkswagen Atlas

September 16, 2020 NHTSA CAMPAIGN NUMBER: 20V561000 Modifications to Vehicles Made Them Noncompliant Vehicles that do not meet all regulatory requirements may have an increased risk of a crash or injury to vehicle occupants.   NHTSA Campaign Number: 20V561 Manufacturer Volkswagen Group of America, Inc. Components UNKNOWN OR OTHER Potential Number of Units Affected 23   Summary Volkswagen Group of … Read more

Volkswagen Engine Oil Quality Standards (U.S. Only)

2020 Volkswagen Passat

NHTSA ID Number: 10161673 Manufacturer Communication Number: 171901_2012855   Summary Remote Key Battery Replacement     197 Affected Products Vehicles MAKE MODEL YEAR VOLKSWAGEN ARTEON 2019-2020 VOLKSWAGEN ATLAS 2018-2020 VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE 2004-2019 VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE CONVERTIBLE 2004-2019 VOLKSWAGEN CC 2009-2017 VOLKSWAGEN E-GOLF 2015-2018 VOLKSWAGEN EGOLF 2015-2019 VOLKSWAGEN EOS 2006-2016 VOLKSWAGEN EUROVAN 2004 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF 2004-2020 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF ALLTRACK … Read more

Safety Recall 72H8 / Rear Seat Head Restraint Guide Welds – 2018 Volkswagen e-Golf & Golf R

2018 Volkswagen e-Golf

NHTSA Campaign Number: 18V803 Manufacturer Volkswagen Group of America, Inc. Components SEATS Potential Number of Units Affected 169   Incorrectly Welded Rear Seat Guide Sleeves If the guide sleeves are incorrectly welded, in the event of a crash, the rear seat head restraints may have reduced stability, increasing the risk of injury.   Summary Volkswagen Group of America, Inc. … Read more

69P4 – Airbag Igniters (Autoliv) – 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan, Golf R & 2016 e-Golf

NHTSA Campaign Number: 16V955 Manufacturer Volkswagen Group of America, Inc. Components SEAT BELTS, AIR BAGS Potential Number of Units Affected 5,947   Air Bags or Seat Belt Pretensioners may not Deploy In the event of a crash, if the air bags and/or the seat belt pretensioners do not inflate or function properly, the vehicle occupants have an increased risk … Read more